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Door Hardware for Zoo Veterinary FacilitiesZoo Veterinary Facilities

Veterinary Surgical Facilities

Specialized veterinary facilities for treatment of horses or large hoofed stock share many of the same considerations as zoo facilities.  The protection of veterinary staff from bodily harm while moving and treating large animals is of great importance.  Although these animals are not wild, they can still exhibit dangerous behavior when taken out of their normal environment or are sick and stressed.

Security and Safety

Special Hardware Veterinary Centers

Door and gate hardware in the facility must be safe for animals, with no sharp or unfinished edges to harm them and no ability for the animals to forcibly open containment doors.  

Where is Specialty Hardware Used?
  • Containment and Holding Areas
  • Surgical Areas
  • Crowding doors and gates
  • Barn doors and stalls
Challenging Environments

Hardware used in veterinary centers must withstand daily use that includes frequent cleaning for animal hygiene.  Corrosion resistant finishes vary from powder coating to stainless steel and all withstand routine cleaning.

Ease of Use

Swinging Door Hardware SystemsSwinging Door Systems

Correctly designed swinging door systems for access doors should be easy to manage, requiring little force to move.  Heavy duty hinges with ball or disc bearings should operate smoothly, while supporting the heaviest of entry doors, even those that weigh hundreds of pounds.  The key is the right selection of hinge and the proper number of hinges sized to the door weight and height.

Sliding Door Systems

If horizontal sliding doors are used for access they should be paired with appropriately sized hangers and track to hold up to constant, daily use, operate smoothly, and move with little physical effort. 

Crowding GateVeterinary Treatment Centers

Moving frightened animals to examination or surgical rooms in veterinary centers can be challenging and potentially dangerous. Richards-Wilcox crowding door hardware helps to handle the job with precision, responding smoothly to the vet’s direction to gently move uncooperative patients forward to examination rooms.  Shown are door hangers, track, and cane bolts for crowding gates.